Our Menu.

"Chef's Specials"


Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken and Chili Chicken


Tikka Masala


Butter Chicken


Chili Chicken



All appetizers serve with Mint & tamarind chutneys


Papadums(2 pieces)


 Crispy lentil wafers baked on an open fire

Onion Bhaji


Chopped onions breaded in chickpea flour & deep fried

Chicken Pakora


Battered with chickpeas flour Chicken fritters, 

Veggie Pakora


Mix Veggies breaded in chickpea flour deep fried

Paneer Pakora


Homemade cottage cheese breaded in chickpea flour deep fried

Veggie Samosas (2 pieces)


Delicious crisp pastry triangles filled with Mash Potato and Peas

Veggie Platter


Delicious hot combo plate of 2 veggie samosa,1 papadum, 3 pakora & 3 onion bhaji.

"Soups & Salads"


Garden salad

Crisp romaine, cucumbers & croutons all tossed with home made dressing


Chicken salad

Garden salad tossed with grilled chicken with home made Dressing.


Mulligatawny soup

Mixture of lentils and chicken in a mildly spicy broth


Lentil soup

Hearty lentil, mix veggies and turmeric soup


Festival of Curries

All dishes served with steamed basmati rice


Traditional Curries

These curries are made from simple ancient recipes with a base of onion, tomato & fresh ground or whole spices. Best enjoyed with naan & white wine.


Lamb Curry - $17.95

Chicken Curry - $15.95

Shrimp Curry - $16.95


Considered the royalty of curries due to it’s richness in cream & garnishes of nuts & raisins. Mildly sweet these are best enjoyed with (garlic) naan & red wine


Lamb Korma- $18.95

Chicken Korma - $16.95

Shrimp Korma - $17.95


Choice meats deeply marinated, then baked & delicately cooked in creamy fenugreek, tomato, onion & spice sauce. Best enjoyed with (garlic) naan & red wine.


Lamb Masala- $18.95

Chicken Masala- $16.95

Shrimp Masala - $17.95


Based on hearty & healthy spinach; a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine. The spinach is ground slightly & Then simmered in a blend of fresh ground or while spices. Best enjoyed with (garlic) naan & Shiraz


Lamb Saag- $16.95

Chicken Saag- $16.95

Shrimp Saag - $17.95

Mango Madness

Choice of meats cooked in Chef special Mango Pulp Masala Souce Best enjoyed with Naan And Palow Rice Suggested red wine cabernet


Lamb Mango -18.95

Chicken Mango- $16.95

Shrimp Mango- $17.95

Coconut Curry

Choice of meat cooked in a chef's special coconut curry


Lamb Coconut -18.95

Chicken Coconut- $16.95

Shrimp Coconut- $17.95


Choice of meat cooked with mixed Veggies in the chef special curry


Lamb Jalfreze -18.95

Chicken Jalfreze- $16.95

Shrimp Jalfreze- $17.95


A standard Indian dish containing potato, sweet & sour sauce with a rich blend of hot chilies & spices. Savored with (garlic) naan & sweet Reisling or white wine


Lamb Vindaloo -17.95

Chicken Vindaloo- $15.95

Shrimp Vindaloo- $16.95

Tandoori Specials

All dishes served with steamed basmati rice


Mixed Grill - $23.95

Delicious combo of chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, Shrimp and Sheesh Kabob

Tandoori Chicken - $15.95

Spring chicken deeply marinated in yogurt, lemon, garlic, ginger & fresh ground spices.

Chicken Tikka - $18.95

Boneless chicken marinated in fresh ground spices & roasted.

Shrimp Tandoori - $19.95

Shrimp deeply marinated with carom seeds & oven grilled

Sheesh Kabob - 21.95

Minced lamb marinated in aromatic herbs & ginger; skewered & oven roasted.

Rice Specials


Chicken Biryani - $15.95

Rice simmered with Chicken, Peas & whole spices, garnished with nuts & raisins.

Palow Rice - 7.95

Rice cooked with chopped onions, peas & saffron.

Lamb Biryani - $17.95

Rice simmered with Lamb, Peas & whole spices, garnished with nuts & raisins

Veggie Biryani - $13.95

Rice simmered with mixed vegetables and spices, garnished with cashews and raisins

Shrimp Biryani- $16.95

Rice simmered with Shrimp,Peas & whole spices, garnished with nuts & raisins

Vegetarian Delights

All dishes served with steamed basmati rice


Veggie Korma- $14.95

Mixed veggies simmered in creamy cashew sauce with fresh spices & herbs.

Mushroom Masala- $15.95

Fresh mushrooms sautéed with onion, tomato & spices in a creamy sauce.

Aloo Gobi- $13.95


Fresh cauliflower & potatoes slow-cooked with onions, ginger & tomatoes.

Shahi Paneer- $16.95

Homemade Cottage chease delicately flavoured with spices and cashews in tomato creamy sauce.

Daal Makhani- $13.95

Lightly spiced & creamed lentils simmered.

Aloo Matar - 13.95


Potatoes and Peas cooked in spiced tomato base sauce with cumin seeds and fenugreek.

Malai Kofta- $15.95

 Savory paneer & veggie rounds served in cashew & saffron sauce

Saag Paneer -$15.95

Delightful ragout of cheese, spinach & spices in a creamy sauce.

Matar Paneer $14.95

 Indian Cheese and peas cooked in spiced tomato base sauce with cumin seeds & fenugreek

Paneer Tikka Masala- $15.95

Homemade cheese & dried nuts cooked in creamy tomato sauce

Bhartha - $13.95

Flame-roasted eggplant puree topped with cumin, tomato & fresh herbs.

Channa Masala- $11.95


Chickpeas & potatoes simmered in whole & fresh ground spices


Freshly baked in an authentic clay oven.

Garlic Naan

Naan- $3.95

Baked unleavened white bread.

Garlic Nana- $4.95

Bread layered with fresh garlic & cilantro.

Keema Naan- $6.95

Bread stuffed with minced lamb & spices

Roti- $3.25

Baked whole wheat bread.

Onion Kulcha -$5.95

Bread stuffed with fresh onions and spices

Saag Naan - 5.95

Bread stuffed with spinach & spices.

Aloo Naan - 5.95

Stuffed bread with mash potatoes and spices .

Paratha- $4.95

Homemade cheese & dried nuts cooked in creamy tomato sauce

Cheese Naan - $5.95

Three cheese stuffed bread baked in oven.

Kashmiri Naan- $5.95

Bread stuffed with Coconut & raisins.


Bottle Soda

Pepsi/Cocacola/Sprite/Fanta/ Prerier/Squirt


Fountain Soft Drinks

Pepsi / Diet Pepsi / Mountain Dew /  Dr.Pepper/Mist/Lemonade/Ice tea


Sweet Lassi /Mango Lassi

Chilled homemade yogurt drink, with Rooh Afza Or Mango(Summer Drink of India)



Ice Creams



Gulab Jamun

Sweet Indian doughnuts fried golden brown & smothered in homemade syrup, (warm or cold).


Rice Pudding

Freshly made with crushed rice drenched in thick sweet milk & laced with grated cashews.